EST. AT 3 A.M.” was originally penned as a play on my initials and upon the realization that a majority of first drafts for my short stories, essays, or just overall thoughts, flowed best on paper at 3 A.M.. I wish there was a cooler background story behind the title of my blog, but there comes a time when we all have to embrace our vulnerability and write whatever comes to mind — 3 A.M. happens to be that time for me. Although it may mean producing a bunch of underwhelming rough drafts, writing at this specific time encourages me to channel into a deeper level of creativity, allows me to absorb experiences from the day, and really create something meaningful. I tend to write based on personal experiences because as a writer, I feel like there is nothing more important than your voice. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and analyzing literature, but my forte lies in creating fictional / sometimes non-fictional worlds. So here you have it…anything from Shakespeare analyses to venting about life — you name it, I’ve most likely written about it (or will write about it) on my personal blog. Enjoy!


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